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Slow 1gb speeds

Tuning in

I upgraded to the 1gb package a few months ago. Initially I was consistently hitting 800-1100 mbps download speeds. After a couple of weeks this dropped off and has now returned to the same speed I was getting on the 500 mbps package before upgrading (between 300-400 mbps).

all tests were performed over Ethernet.

I currently have the hub 4 in modem mode. The issue still persists when it’s in router mode also.


Alessandro Volta
Nothing to see here move along.

To where do we blame the problem like how did you get 1100Mb on a hub 4...maybe downgrade if your not happy?

If you don’t have anything valuable to say then it’s probably best you do move along and don’t reply in the first place. 

downgrading is an option but it defeats the point of upgrading in the first place. A choice I made not for the fun of it but because I wanted the higher speeds…

happy to to provide any information to those here to help. 

Alessandro Volta

My point is valid in some area VM can't keep up with people doing tests and real downloads.

But see if windows in safe mode with networking helps or a steam download to SSD


Hi @Josh2205 thanks for posting and welcome back to our community. 

Sorry to hear you've not been receiving your advertised speeds.  I would like to take a closer look on your behalf. I am going to send you a private message, to confirm some details. Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of your screen.