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Sky Q Slow downloads

Dialled in

I've recently had M250 broadband installed which is giving me consistent speed tests above 270Mb, the Hub 3 is in modem mode. The only speed issue I'm having is on a wired Sky Q box when trying to download either catch up or a movie, typically I'm seeing a 2Mb top speed making downloads a very long time. If I switch my router to my BT FttC I get normal download speeds, the BT & VM connections both use the same firewall and DNS settings.

There are topics on the Sky forums of slow speeds with non Sky Broadband and particularly VirginMedia, has anyone experienced and solved this or does Sky Q generally work no problem? My BT FttC contract ends next week, I'd rather stay on VM but at the moment I can't see a solution.


Dialled in

Megan, my Sky Q and the 4 minis are all wired on Gb Ethernet, I also have full WiFi coverage with wired access points. In the extensive testing I have done at times the Sky Q operates normally and usable on VM, at others the connection drops to 1Mb which makes UHD unusable, on Plusnet I don’t get the slow down. Testing non Sky devices they all work reliably on VM, a Netflix connection test on my TV will show in excess of 130Mb, yet on Sky Q it will be 20Mb, I’m coming to the conclusion that it is more likely that Sky Q is at fault than VM. However the problem I have do I choose to stay with VM and have to the problem of trying to get Sky to provide a working solution, of which there is no guarantee and I am unable to download films or stick with Plusnet which doesn’t have quite enough bandwidth but Sky Q works for whatever reason.

Morning @drodgers 

At the start of the post you said you were going to try Router mode - how did this test go please?

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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