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Signal coverage reduction

Tuning in

We recently had a free upgrade from 100mbs to 136mbs however signal coverage in the house has reduced. Rooms we had coverage in we now don’t. This is really an issue working from home. 
any ideas how to reverse this or get wider covers again as we were quite happy with previous speed 


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The upgrade that VM do wouldn't have affected your WIFI Signal, have you recently moved or placed anything near your hub? Specially metal objects can cause issues with WIFI signals.

Hi thanks for answering. Absolutely nothing changed in the house or location of router and it simply happened after the upgrade. When hub came back on line our coverage reduced in rooms that were ok beforehand 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Kelleys2Q,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting. 

I am very sorry to hear of the issues you have been experiencing with the WiFi signal since the upgrade, we will do all we can to help. 

Have you noticed any changes to the connection when using a wired device? 

If not, we would recommend taking a look through the links below for further support. 

WiFi Support

WiFi Max

Please do let us know if this helps. 




Thanks Natalie but I am not sure I understand this? I get the new upgrade speeds when next to my router or directly above or below. I have just lost the spread/width of signal in the house. So not sure how attaching a wired device to the router is possible in the rooms away from the router hub? 

We ask for a wired speed test as this is the best way to test the connection. 


We would also recommend using the Connect App to test for black spots in the Home? Are you able to try both of these steps?


Have you had any new devices at all since the change? 


Thank you.

Thanks the speed is fine it got faster to the advertised 136mbs but rooms that had good coverage now have none or very patchy and weak that cut in and out. We knew exactly what to expect in which room previously but sine the upgrade it has seemingly concentrated the signal into a more vertical cylinder at the expense of wider coverage - frankly what we had before worked this is now causing real issues with working from home. No new devices no changes at all except for the restarting the hub after the upgrade when all the coverage issues became apparent. 

I'm so sorry to hear this @Keeleys2Q


Were you able to look into the links my colleague posted earlier in the thread? There you can read about our WiFi Pod's that can improve signal range.


If you would like to look into adding one of these to your account I would be happy to chat via a PM and give some more information? 


Please do let me know. 


Hello , Ash before the upgrade all worked fine after the upgrade I now have rooms that connect and drop straight out. How can it possibly be my responsibility to buy devices to extend the signal which previously operated just fine. 
it is quite clear to me that the increased speed (which I did not need) came at the expense of width of coverage. If that had been explained i would never have accepted the upgrade. I would like to revert to prior to the upgrade is that possible? 

There is no way that increased speed would reduce WiFi coverage. The speed of the service doesn't affect the WiFi range in any way at all. Something else has changed, there could be a new source of interference (Xmas lights are always possible at this time of year) or you or a neighbour have a new smart gadget which is transmitting a signal on the same channel as your WiFi network.