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Tuning in
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Service being throttled?

I recently tried to quit VM due to poor customer service and ridiculous price increase.

I gave the required month's notice, in the required time, as directed by customer service.

I ordered a new service from BT, but the evening before BT were supposed to install the kit/service, I received another call from VM Retention and was made an offer too good to refuse. I therefore agreed to stay with VM and cancelled BT.

I now massively regret cancelling BT and staying with VM.

Since then my service has been attrocious. I was supposed to 'upgraded' from my previous 100Mbps Broadband to 200Mbps.

For at least the last week, I've only been getting from around 3Mbps - 10Mbps.

I also had an issue with the bill, since VM said they'd provide the new service package at the same price as my previous package, but then received numerous emailed bills stating that the bill had gone up.

Then, last Sunday, I received an overdue bill email stating that I'd also been charged a late payment fee, and that my account was now in arrears. I therefore called VM billing (who miraculously answered within a few minutes!!!) and explained / discussed the situation and ultimately (due to remembering I'd cancelled the direct debit) agreed to pay what was ACTUALLY owed and got the "late payment fee" removed, and then reinstated the direct debit (which was confirmed within a few minutes of the call).

Again, making more calls to VM, having to be put on hold for 2hours 10 minutes, I was ultimately told that they'd need to arrange an engineer visit for the end of the week 5 days later!

Numerous texts received, asking if I still had the "fault"... Yes, I still have the "fault" even this morning I'm still only getting 8Mbps.

The engineer is supposed to be coming this morning, between 8am - 12pm

I don't trust VM at all.

I've read that they "sometimes" throttle down service, due to payment issues. But I sorted this out on Monday, despite it being VMs own doing.

I'm now wondering if my service has been flagged, to provide poor service?

Are VM being vindictive for me trying to quit?

Unfortunately, I'm now stuck in another contract with VM which I'd love to get out of, but of course this would be hell and they'd try to charge me stupied fees.

Does nyone know of any way I can find out if my service is being throttled?

Thanks in advance.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Service being throttled?

Wait until after the engineer visit then, if you still have problems please get back to the community.

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