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Samknows RealSpeed Vs Speedtest

Good evening,

I don't think this is a problem as such but just wanted to run it by the community to hear their views on the matter.

I am currently on the Gig1 package with a SuperHub 4 but I'm getting conflicting results when using Samknows as compared to Speedtest.

I am using a Windows 10 laptop with an integrated ethernet port capable of gigabit speeds connected to the Hub 4 via a cat6 cable.

Samknows - 1086 Mbps to Hub 4 but to computer 502 Mbps.

Speedtest - 946 Mbps.

As you can see I am getting the correct speed to the Hub 4 on Samknows but the output to the computer always seems to result in around the 500 Mbps mark whereas the Speedtest result always pretty much hits the expected result.

I know when reading the forums that Virgin recommend that I should always use Samknows as it uses a speed test that is encoded in the router itself but do you think this is anything I should be concerned about seeing as the Speedtest results seem to be fine?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Samknows RealSpeed Vs Speedtest


I'll caveat this by saying that my experience is with Hub3 at 500Mbps.

I can demonstrate that I have gigabit networking internally at home. This means I know that my home networking is not bottlenecking the WAN connectivity. That being said on occasion I notice a device is not  obtaining full speed internet over copper. The first thing I do is make sure that the device can connect at 1Gbps internally and almost always it can't because the CAT6 is damaged. It doesn't help that i generally crimp my own cables and I'm not very good, and also cables are bent or moved often. However my experience with the Hub3 is generally it looks like I am getting close to 100% throughput at 500Mbps when in modem mode. So 450Mbps to hub gives about 450 to any wired device with a 1Gbps NIC.

First thing I would do is 1. Make sure your laptop actually is capable of downloading a file at 1Gbps internally. By that I mean test and observe it actually downloading or transferring a file at over 100MBps over that CAT6 cable. and 2 swap the cable to double check it isn't that. If your hub is receiving 900 so should a wired device that can receive at that AFAIK. But that depends on the wire and the device handling that speed!

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Re: Samknows RealSpeed Vs Speedtest

Mine is actually the other way around. I'll get 940mb on Samknows/realspeed and 570-600mb on I got talking to a Tech within Virgin and he said to always go with the Samknows test and that does not support Virgin 1 Gigabyte connection, don't really know how true that is though. I've since put the router in modem mode using an Asus router and don't use as it always shows 500-600mb speed and the odd time 800mb, instead I use or which will always show around 850-950mb speed. Also if I download files from various newshosting sites I always get 90MB/s-112MB/s so I know I'm getting my full speed 👍


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