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Restart router (HUB 3) for increased connection speeds

Joining in

I currently have M500 fibre broadband and have to restart my router (HUB 3) daily to receive an average download of 300Mbps wired connection with no other devices attached ,otherwise the average is throttled down to 60 Mbps is there away to stop me from having to restart everyday so i can at least get an average of the speeds i am paying for (500Mbps would be nice) or  would upgrading to a HUB5 resolve me having to restart everyday 




Changing Hub is not going to make a connectivity fault vanish.

From the Hub 3's  Check router status, check the Downstream tab and Upstream tab for obvious issues.

The drop to 60Mb/s could be a network cable issue, when that occurs check to see if the connection from the Hub to the computer has de-rated from 1000Mb/s to 100Mb/s.