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Repeated disconnections and slow speeds in LE2

Over the last couple of months our internet has been virtually unusable in the afternoons and evenings due to very slow speeds and repeated disconnections. Virgin media online service status says that nothing is wrong. Customer services said they would fix it by resetting something, but this made no difference.

I rang again today and this time was told that there has been a problem in this area since February as there are too many Virgin media customers in the area , so engineers would be upgrading the boxes in three days. This afternoon I got a letter saying there would be routine maintenance in two weeks time and we would lose our service for a short while during this.

Surprised to have got an answer that acknowledges responsibility on the part of VM rather than the usual fobbing off that happens. Fingers crossed the problem will be sorted in two weeks as promised. Hope this helps anyone else suffering the same probs in LE2.

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