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Really Slow Broadband - not as advertised


I regularly use two laptops and occasionally a desktop when others are not being used. 

I also use two android phones in the house and on exceptions.

I signed up for the M350 package. I did speed checks (using various sites) on the phones and also on the computers (ensuring one at a time was turned on) and tested wifi and wired. of course I have tried all the usuals like restarting hub/ unplugging everything/ ensuring leads are tight and replacing cables etc to see if anything made a difference. I am now resorting to this.

 When using for all tests I got the following results:

Laptop 1. Download speed (wired) 33.94 (Ping 21) and upload 34.0

Wifi Download Speed 31.93 (Ping 11) and upload 32.12

Laptop 2. Download speed (wired) 21.33 (Ping13) and upload 35.57 

Wifi Download speed 42.85 (Ping 13) and upload 34.00

Desktop Download Speed wired 46.32 (Ping 51) and upload 34.41

Desktop wifi (Ping 11) the download is 31.93 and upload is 32.12.

On my android (Virgin) phone (Ping 14) the download speed is 12.76.

On the second (another provider) phone (Ping 12) download speed 8.39

I have tried using a Wifi extender and all sorts of combinations such as close to the hub, away from the hub etc. but always come up with very simlar numbers. 

I realise all the issues there are at the moment but this has been an ongoing issue for some time and it is always very difficult to get through to the helpline.

Any advice appreciated!


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Forum Team
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Re: Really Slow Broadband - not as advertised

Good Afternoon rlynas,


Thanks for your post on our Community Forums and I'm terribly sorry for the time it's taken us to get back to you!


I've taken a look at the hub and it appears that everything is in spec. 


It does however look like you may have having an issue with Wi-Fi devices. Are there any devices then can be connected via an Ethernet cable that are curently using Wi-Fi?


Can you also try running a speed test with the hub in modem mode and using a Cat6 Ethernet cable? This will give us an accurate measurement of the speed we're getting into your property


Kindest regards,



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Re: Really Slow Broadband - not as advertised

Don't worry if you don't have cat 6 cable. Over short distances cat 5 is easily capable of 500Mbs which i suspect you would be very happy with 🙂
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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Really Slow Broadband - not as advertised

Actually CAT5 is limited to 100Mbps

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