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Reality of Virgin wifi pod system

On our wavelength

After having volt and 1gb internet installed, My room had poor virgin wifi reception, where I was getting 9mb download and 15000ms latency over wifi. So, after speaking to virgin, using the connect app multiple times, I eventually got a wifi pod sent out.

I have installed the pod a few days ago and just done a test on virgins own site, I had an improvement in the speeds I now get. I now get 35mb down load from my 1gb connection!

My home is not a castle with 3 feet thick stone walls, its a regular construction 3 bedroom semi. my room is 2 walls and 20 feet from the main hub, on the same floor.

I don't get it. How is it so bad?

virgin 20-05-2023.png


Fibre optic

Get 2 more mate get a better daisy chain going you should then see better speeds 

On our wavelength

Was hard enough getting 1

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Where is the Pod located?  It should not be placed in the "blackspot", but about half way between the Hub and the blackspot.  If the distance is too great to the halfway, then as noted above, you may need another Pod.

Very simple analogy, think of people reaching out to hold hands, if they are too far away, it will not work.

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It’s worth it mate get the 3 your entitled too it’s worth it in the end,mine took 3 weeks to get all three,done through here try the mod John he’s a good lad and got mine sorted 

Tuning in

They make it very difficult to get them in the first place. Took me nearly 2 weeks to get my first. Then managed to get a second one ordered after 3/4 days of back and forth messages - but they messed the delivery order up! So still waiting for it….

i’m told 3 together does work well but i’ll wait until i have my second and see how I get on

Alessandro Volta

As long as you get 20Mb VM don't care.

It seem only some of us know the real problem the hub wifi so you should look for a better 3rdp party router.


On our wavelength

For me, the WiFi signal in my bedroom (20ft and one thin wall away from my Hub 3) is LESS stable since getting a pod. Getting it took a 4 hour 'fight' on Live Chat. Before the pod signal was weak, now I get constant total disconnects.

A techie friend of mine says the Hub 3 is outdated kit, no longer fit for purpose but unless you pay through the nose for their pricier tariffs they won't send you out their latest and best routers.

I've put up with this for years, I'm out of contract and shopping 'round for better options.

Someone said best option is buy Google Router/WiFi kit and go with a much cheaper Broadband supplier, so looking into that.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Don’t forget pods should be located mid way between the VM hub and the target machine, never ever in the same room. Think about it, if they are in the same room they would get exactly the same strength WiFi signal as the target machine, they don’t do magic.

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