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Re: Intermittent Outages

Tuning in

Same problem with intermittent outages, and my neighbour as well. When will it be fixed? London SE7 area! This also happened during the Queens funeral! Not much pleased with your recent performance. Been really bad here recently. Please fix! Tthis is written using 4G. Would like to see TV tonite as well. And of course we have no phone now to while away the evening.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello Frarlton


Sorry to hear of the broadband connection issues impacting your network.


We can see you have raised this in a different thread which we have responded to, we ask not to raise multiple threads for the same issue as it doesn't get the issue resolved or looked into quicker and can cause confusion/delays.


Feel free to respond in the other thread and I will arrange for this thread to be closed to save any further confusion.



I mentioned only the queens funeral outage. This is a different outage!!