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Query re: Forward Path Attenuators and speeds

Hello all,

I have a query regarding the forward path attenuators. We moved into our current home a few years ago and since then have had a 3dB forward path attenuator attached to the hub and also one to the TV box. The previous occupants had Virgin. The attenuators were connected to an old Hub 2 which has now been upgraded to the Hub 5. When I was setting up the new hub today I did a bit of digging on the forums regarding the purpose of the attenuators and noticed my downstream settings seem to be a way off those recommended in other posts.

As a sidenote I've noticed that with a wired connection via a TP-Link AV1000 gigabit powerline adaptor to my upstairs PC I get half the download speed vs using a WiFi device next to the hub. All cables are Cat 5e or 6. My package is M200 fibre broadband. Could this speed issue be related to the FPA?


Ethernet via TP-LinkEthernet via TP-Link



Would be grateful for any help or advice. Thank you!

These are with the 3dB attenuator connected:

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID

133100000013.741QAM 25625
221100000012.740QAM 25610
321900000012.439QAM 25611
422700000012.340QAM 25612
523500000011.940QAM 25613
624300000011.840QAM 25614
725100000011.740QAM 25615
825900000012.340QAM 25616
926700000012.640QAM 25617
1027500000012.940QAM 25618
1128300000013.340QAM 25619
1229100000013.540QAM 25620
1329900000013.640QAM 25621
1430700000013.841QAM 25622
1531500000013.941QAM 25623
1632300000013.841QAM 25624
1733900000014.241QAM 25626
1834700000014.441QAM 25627
1935500000014.241QAM 25628
2036300000014.141QAM 25629
2137100000013.740QAM 25630
2237900000013.240QAM 25631
2338700000013.140QAM 25632
2439500000013.140QAM 25633
2540300000013.140QAM 25634
2641100000013.140QAM 25635
2741900000013.140QAM 25636
2842700000013.240QAM 25638
2943500000013.240QAM 25639
3044300000012.640QAM 25640
3145100000012.840QAM 256



Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID

14620000044.55120QAM 643
239400000445120QAM 644
33260000043.55120QAM 645
425800000415120QAM 646
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Re: Query re: Forward Path Attenuators and speeds

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, AK1122,


It could be due to the attenuator. I've sent you a private message to confirm your account details so we can send someone out to take a look



Corey C

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Re: Query re: Forward Path Attenuators and speeds

@AK1122 it’s not the attenuator! You do need a higher value one though to drop the downstream power down a bit.

Almost certainly, somewhere in the chain between the router and your desktop PC, one of the Ethernet connections is running at only 100 Mb/s rather than gigabit speed. My guess would be the powerline adapters, check what spec the Ethernet port on them is. The fact that they claim to be AV1000 is irrelevant to this.

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Re: Query re: Forward Path Attenuators and speeds

Thank you, I will look into the adapters. I have a feeling it could be them contributing. 

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