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QoS - friend or foe

Many on here are ditching their Virgin supplied routers, putting them into modem mode and connecting up to a third party router. 

Many of these routers are highly configurable, one reason us tech heads like them. And one area that many like to configure is Quality of Service (QoS). Especially when you can priorotise games consoles such as Xbox and PS3's. And indeed with todays increase in work from home traffic from the likes of Skype and teams can also be prioritised.

But be warned. Enabling QoS can have a major impact on your network speed. Try running a series of 'reliable' speed tests before enabling QoS and then after. You may be surprised.

Worth noting for those complaining about slow internet speeds.

Oh and if you have Asus Mesh theres an added complication - despite switching QoS off in the GUI it can actually still be impacting and needs a Telnet/SSH session to switch off fully.

Ahhh the joys of home networking eh.

Just thought some of you might like this information.

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