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Provision in Area 31

Where to start?

Whilst I appreciate the current circumstances surrounding Covid-19 and social responsibility, I am appalled by VMs broadband provisioning over recent weeks.

I pay for a 350m connection. In the past year, I have been lucky if that ever reaches above 200!

Over the past week specifically, my upload appears to be capped at 3.3mbps, not the 35mbps I pay for and my download speed jumps about the minute by minute from anywhere between 2.2mbps and if the wind is blowing in the right direction and the gods are in favour, 141mbps.

Your connect app is useless as it reports nothing wrong on your network.

Your online tool reports that there is nothing wrong in my area, yet I run a test on my equipment and it can't decide whether interference on my line is affecting all 3.3 million customers at once or if your network is overloaded.

If I phone support, they just say everything is fine and that there are no issues on your network at all, but if you talk to other customers over at there appears to be a nationwide issue affecting a lot of your customers.

It appears VM have just stuck their fingers in their ears and just hoping this mess will just go away.

Don't even get me started on the v6 issues I'm having too and how poor your extenders are and their inability to work correctly.

Maybe someone should check that the cleaner hasn't unplugged something by accident in the server room so they can use their hoover?

Or maybe VM could actually be honest about what's going on and tell customers. This would actually go a long way in terms of customer relations.

Could it be the that your 1Gbps roll out is affecting the network?

Whatever the issue is, please sort it out. I pay a stupid amount of money for your services, but at the moment, you seem totally incapable of delivering any of them.

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Re: Provision in Area 31

"there appears to be a nationwide issue affecting a lot of your customers."
there is no nationwide issues. That is about the normal background numbers on down detector. Nothing there is showing there are any major problems

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