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Power levels ok? BQM all over the place lately...

Up to speed

Hi, recently my BQM has been showing massive spikes for the maximum latency. I've noticed that my speeds are affected if I start a download on Steam, for example, even though I'm manually locking download speeds at 100MB/s which in the past has been no problem and allowed me to stream anything online and not buffer. Without locking the DL speed in apps like Steam I was able to download at circa 118MB/s, or as mentioned, browse/stream etc with no issues.

I'm on a HUB4, when I was on a HUB3 before upgrading to Gig1, an attenuator was attached by the technician who dropped the HUB3 off at the time. I was told the attenuator would not be needed for Gig1 when arranging the self install kit with the HUB4, and it has been fine since install over a year ago. Until now.

For ref, I am on modem only mode and use my own router (Asus RT AC-68U).

ANy advice apprecaited, maybe need a technician out to investigate?



Stats from hub in the reply post below.


Up to speed


Hey robbiekhan, thank you for reaching out and we hope everything is still okay?

If not please do feel free to reach out my colleague you are in PM with 🙂 Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Up to speed

All looks good still yes!

Great news! If you need anything, just let us know.

Have a lovely day! 🌞

Forum Team

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