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Poor speed since Volt " upgrade "

Joining in

I was recently upgraded to 200 Mbps as part of the volt benefits, since then me speed has dropped to between 15- 30 Mbps where before it was a constant 100+. I have also suffered from several outages. Resetting the router helps reconnect but does nothing for the speed.

Nothing has changed only the so called upgrade, any tips/help


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What hub is it? Are you using your own separate router? What colour lights can you see on the hub? Lastly call to check for local issues on 0800 561 0061. 

It's a Hub 3, the only lights on are the power light and the WiFi light

Hi @Duppy2

Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear you've not had good speeds since the upgraded Volt benefits were applied. It wouldn't be anything to do with that but I appreciate why you'd feel it is. Done a system check for you today and no issues our outages are showing. Your power levels are all in spec, slightly high but in spec nonetheless. Can you go round all connections for me and make sure all connections are finger tight please? No SNR (signal to noise ratio) or congestion issues either which is good :).

How are you running the speedtests please, wired/wireless and what devices?

Let us know 🙂

Forum Team

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Thanks for reply John, the tests are all done wireless on same devices as always. I don't have a PC to do a wired test. All connections are tight and as mentioned nothing has changed since the " upgrade ". I have just done another test, struggled to get 10 Mbps.

Weirdly I have tried to do an equipment test, signed into the VM app, it says looks like your at home do you want to check this connection, comes back ok but when trying to go further it says it looks like you are signed into an account not associated with this address, it's the only account and address I've got, something must be amiss 

Thanks for the update @Duppy2, can you possibly try logging out of the My Virgin Media application, reboot the hub and then log back into the application?

Please also ensure that the application and your device is running the latest operating software.

Kindest regards,


Hi David _Bn,

I signed out  and back in and turned off the router. It' did allow me to check the kit, and informs me there is a problem and check back in 24 hours. I'll keep you informed. 

Just for info, another speed test revealed a download speed of 12.2 Mbps.

Thanks for the update Duppy2,

Apologies for the issue stillbeing present with your Hub, may I ask has it improved since posting?
Let us know,


It's intermittent, the best I've had  recently was 45Mbps, but when I was on the 100 package I regularly got 100+, the problem has only been present since the upgrade. I have also suffered outages, where I never did before, made more annoying as my daughter WFH and regularly has teams calls, it cut off last week and I had to reset the router, meanwhile she had to phone them and carry on the conversation on her mobile 

Alessandro Volta
Get a better wifi router with 1Gb ports and use hub in modem mode.

The faster you go the slower wifi gets with the hubs