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Poor net since yesterday

Poor internet since yesterday. Got worse today with losing total internet service 3 times over a 2 hr period and now i do have somewhat of a connection although really shoddy woddy one.


Doing a test through logging into my virgin media account and i got :-

We've checked your equipment
We need around 10 minutes just to finish up, here's what you can do while you wait.

Make sure your cables are properly connected to your equipment
Make sure everything is turned on
After 10 minutes is up, you'll need to turn everything off and on again. This may take a few minutes.


thus far nothings changed

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Re: Poor net since yesterday

What device/s were you using to do the test and how connected to the Hub? 

Only tests using a suitable ethernet cable and a gigabit enabled device are valid. 

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Poor net since yesterday

Hi Manestream


Thank you for posting on our community forum pages.


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your internet service. We understand that this must be frustrating.


Does this happen when using all devices? 


Is this the case on both a WiFi and Ethernet connection? 


Look forward to hearing back from you. 

Forum Team

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