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Poor internet Service

For nearly a year I have had huge problems with my internet speed and drop outs on connections.  Having contacted Virgin many times in the past and getting absolutely no solution, I contacted them today with the same problem, I pay for up to 200mbs yet Im getting 25 and drop outs every 10 minutes.  To cut a long story short, after being on the phone for a hour I ran out of credit.  The initial call handler refused to send an engineer because they said that Im getting internet and that I have to reset my box once a week.  When I told her that it doesnt solve the problem and that its totally unreasonable to expect people to reset their box once a week, she said well thats what we're telling everyone, which clearly demonstrates that this is a huge problem.  I then said, well if you're not prepared to send an engineer then cancel my services because you are not honouring your contractual obligations.  She put me through to the cancellation team, who agreed that the service was not acceptable, and whilst they said that they couldnt arrange an engineer that they would put me back through to faults and tell them that I wasnt getting the guaranteed 200mbs wired connection and that they had told me that and to arrange an engineer. Low and behold, they put me back through to faults, who then put me on hold for 25 minutes before my credit ran out!

How on earth can this company promote their services the way they do and yet have such appalling standards in service and customer care? his is so bad its almost a Trading Standards job.

So in conclusion, Im sitting here with a 25 mbs internet connection that cuts out every 10 minutes and no way of sorting it. Oh I will, when my contract ends my new one will be elsewhere!

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Poor internet Service

Is it actually cutting out on ethernet cable connected devices as well as wifi ones ?

If so, then the first job, is to set up a free “Broadband Quality Monitor” to continually monitor the state of your connection and record those wired network dropouts. It does it 24/7/365 and it keeps a visual record of any/all of your network disconnections, useful data to have to match to the Network logs (in your Hub settings) and also in discussions with VM. Make sure you uncheck the “ignore ping from WAN side” box in the settings if you see a wall of "red" - note it will take an hour or two to start seeing a sensible picture.

Then just quickly check that all your coax connections are in nice and "finger" tight at the Hub and wall box and at any splitters/attenuators/etc with no “unterminated loose ends, and that the internal wiring is ok with no kinking or chaffing. Also check that all looks good with the outside cabling and wall box.

If that’s all good....
Post up your Hub/network connection details and someone will check to see if there is a problem there. In your browser’s URL box type in (or - if in modem mode) and hit return. On the first page up [there should be no need to login if you have done so before] click on the “router status” icon at top right (SH2’s) or text at bottom-middle of first page up (Hub3) and then copy/paste 3 FULL sets of data onto here – from the Downstream, Upstream, & Network Logs pages. Don't worry too much about the formatting it can be easily read & DON’T include personal data or MAC addresses - blank them out - if you copy/paste the data, the board software will do this for you.


My services: HD TV on VIP (+ Sky Sports & Movies & BT sport), x3 V6 boxes (1 wired 2 WiFi,) SH2 in modem mode with Airport Extreme Router. On VIVID200, Talk Anytime Phone, x2 Mobile SIM only iPhones.