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Poor gaming speeds

Can someone at virgin please suggest any fix for this issue.

Paying for 100mb which is routinely poor. Intermittent drops every day, often down to 7mbps through a wired connection!

One of your senior technicians provided a temporary fix, changed wifi channels?! Although this is clearly an issue at your external box, I have an Ethernet connected directly from superhub to Xbox, awful connection. Your technician provided his contact number which.... is blocked and uncontactable.

I've ran traceroutes through Xbox as I've spoken with them, they cite unknown hosts dirsupting connection and have told me it is directly related to my isp.... you.

No one seems capable or able to fix this! I mean you send technicians who don't even know what a trace route is?!

I have dmz'd the Xbox ip, used ethernet wires supplied by yourselves, changed ports, rebooted, updated and port forwarded. I have tried putting your superhub into modem mode and using a seperate gaming router..... still terrible.

Can you please, please provide some help or insight into this problem!
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