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Poor customer service

My internet keeps dropping out, not for long, just a few seconds, but long enough for it to wreak havoc.

I rang up and they told me that I had an issue straight away and they sent a guy round within a few days to fix it. It worked and it was ok for a week or two, and then it started again.

I just couldn't get through to anybody on the phone, so put a complaint in. Nearly a month after I wrote to them they sent me an email to say:

1. They'd tried to contact me by phone.... no missed calls on virgin mobile.

2. The issue was probably my own fault due interference from another device... nothing's changed in the house in months

3. I should ring 0345 454 1111 to talk to somebody.... the number just says busy everytime I ring and cuts me off.

Why am I still paying these people good money (for effectively a faulty product), when they have no real interest in helping me?