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Pods impossible to order

Tuning in

Hi I have recently moved home and it's been an absolute nightmare taking virgin media with us.

I can't talk to anyone about it over the phone as they say my account is still associated with my old address.

I have spent about 20 hours on chats / calls over the last few weeks. 

The only place to plug in the router is my children's bedroom so I am having to pay to get a virgin engineer to move.

I get no connection at all in 4 rooms of my house and have been promised a pod on 2 occasions and nothing has turned up still. 

It's been absolutely terrible customer service.

I had a call earlier from Virgin who tried to get me to upgrade my package but I am on the 1Gig tariff so it does not get any higher.

Just feels like virgin take money off me as soon as I can pay for something but when I need help with the service NOTHING. Please someone sort out my pods and fix my account so that you can support me when I contact your.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Jackroo, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry you are having some issues with trying to order a pod.

The best way to get a pod order is download the Virgin Connect app, from here do a scan.

If the scan picks up that you need a pod it will allow you to order some.

However they can be chargeable depending what package you on.

They are free on Volt, 1GB or Oomph bundles. 

Please let me know how you get on. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Right but I can only scan when connected to WiFi, so as the WiFi doesn't work in certain rooms I can't use WiFi in those rooms and therefore I cant run a scan and can't order a pod?

Surely there is a better process to order a pod.

The scan should pick up the whole area / house when you are trying to do a scan is it coming back with an error? 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?