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Pod health query

Joining in

I recently upgraded to 1gig broadband with the ability to request up to 3 pods. Upon upgrade the WiFi speed did improve but since having the first pod it's gone back to how it was before. Pod is connected on the connect app , in a suitable place half way between hub5 and problem blackspot and devices seem to connect to it. But when I click on the pod on the app it says connection is unknown and try to check its health it says it can't be checked at the moment and come back later. Have rebooted hub, pod , installed and uninstalled app and still says the same. Any clues what to do? People on chat dont seem to know what they are doing and spent many wasted hours trying to get help with this 


On our wavelength

I have 3 pods as well and at various times they show Unknown,  currently all are showing Great without me doing anything.   Leave them alone for a good number of hours to let them reset after.  If necessary bring them near the hub plug them in and leave them to reset and then you can move them to where you want.   Hope this helps