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Please help - Super slow speed post 9pm every night :(

Joining in

Hi - The internet speed comes down to a crawl post 9pm every night and I am forced to go onto 5G for anything including streaming. Has costed me and my family extra ££ being spent on additional GB being bought from my mobile provider.

Speeds during the day are ok. Nowhere close to the 300 Mbps that I pay for but works. Post 9pm is a totally different story. So the issue cannot be with the setup inside my house as it works during the day. There is something else at that point of time and there is customer or tech support post 9pm. Totally frustrating situation to be in.

Current speeds at 9:10am on Fri, 27-Oct-23 are not great at just 34.3 mbps.

Really need a technician to come out and check the issue.

Download - 34.3 Mbps 

Upload - 23.5 Mbps







The speed at the Hub 3 is correct for M350.

50.2Mb/s at the desktop is normal if computer connects to the Hub 3 via a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi adaptor.

A network cable or a 5GHz Wi-Fi adaptor are options for the computer to have a faster connection.