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Persistenly slow internet - moving to BT

I have the 100 package, however my connection is persistently slow, well below what's acceptable., I'm lucky if I get 20mbps, today its been less than one.

In November I made a complaint, was told it was a utilisation issue (not enough cable) for the area, and was offered 2 months free, whcih is ok, I guess.  however, here we are and there is still no change and my understanding is that a new line would need to be installed to remedy the situation.

This is not my problem, and basically since we moved here, (Jan 2020) Virgin must have known there was an issue and were still happy to take the money.

I have booked in BT and signed up to take their package, which although only 30 is guaranteed.

They are due to come on March 15th to hook me up. The cost is pretty much the same as Virgin, but on days like today (and many many others) where I'm not even getting 5mbps its a no brainer.

Given I've paid all my bills on time, and even though I've had 1/6 discount, I am beyond unhappy with the level of service.

I draw your attention to your own Ts & Cs.

What does the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed mean?

If the actual download speed provided from our network to your Virgin Media Hub falls below the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed, and this happens for 3 consecutive days or more (whether continuously or intermittently during each day), and we are unable to fix the problem within 30 days of you reporting the problem to us, you may have the right to end your agreement without paying an Early Disconnection Fee.

I am leaving Virgin, I also want a fair equivalent refund for the years contract as the level of service fell significantly below the advertised and minimum standards Virgin have set.



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Re: Persistenly slow internet - moving to BT

Posting here may not help you.  You'll probably need to invoke the minimum speed policy by phoning customer services, retentions ("thinking of leaving"), or via the complaints channel, and even then you can expect it to be handled with the customary levels of excellence that VM are famed for.

I would expect the chances of them happily paying additional compensation are small without you escalating to the industry arbitration scheme CISAS, which can be very effective, but is slow and procedural.

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