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Persistant lantency issue

Hi all,

Would very much appreciate any help I can get for an issue with our broadband.

I have the 100M package and live in North London. For over a month our internet connection has suffered from significant latency, which causes video calls to constantly disconnect and gaming impossible (ping range in few hundreds). I have had two engineer visits so far, and on both occasions had new attenuators fitted to the modern (super hub 3). However the issue remains.

I have a BQM setup and running from the 24th April, and below is a graph taken over the 13th May:


Curiously the Ookla speed test gives very good readings: we have 100Mbps for download and 9-10Mbps for upload, which are bang on the expected figures.

Furthermore, I have been running the self-test on myvirginmedia daily, and have always been given a warning message about interference with the cabling coming into our home. I showed this warning to the second engineer and was told that he was not allowed to touch the optical component of the cabling.

My question is how can we have this issue resolved? Is there a way to request people who have the authorisation to attend a repair? Finally, should this problem persist, can we unsubscribe from Virgin Media without having to pay the early cancellation charge?

Many thanks!

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