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Packet loss issue - ongoing for months [started Jan 2023 under fault no F010403749]

On our wavelength


Hoping someone from  Virgin media can look into my issue please?

I have had difficulties with packet loss for going on a few months. Started back in  Jan 2023 under fault no F010403749 and went away for a while..but has returned and does not appear to be solved/solvable.

The automated 0800 faults line has said the same 'area issue, some faults take longer etc etc'

The BQM graph is a real mess, the solid red parts are power off/restarts after I've checked/rechecked and tightened all connections.
[url=]My Broadband Ping[/url]

 Is there an ETA for for the fix? Can an engineer check locally? Whilst this affects streaming, gaming, web pages  etc as it's not TLOS so likely no compensation for months of issues.

However, I would like this resolved, thanks


Hi @skyuser 👋.

Thanks for those result, we would need these results provided to us with the Hub in router mode, as we cannot communicate with it in modem mode the results will not be true, could you perform the process again in router mode using this link 👉 Speed, Packet & Latency and post the results, you can upload screenshots also. 


On our wavelength

My Broadband Ping - VM Gig1

Hey Sabrina, thanks for your response.

I'm sorry, but with respect, I'm not going down that route again with resetting the lot, going back to the VM modem/router and set it up to demonstrate the same thing as the last 3 instances.

As before, absolutely nothing has changed in my setup and as you can see from the chart above the packet loss appears to have subsided of it's own accord.

I'm fairly certain my equipment (router) and the VM modem are working ok as they would not work/not work/ introduce/remove packet loss as above. It's either broken or not.

Two engineer visits (maybe three? lost track), a VMSH4 and two VMSH5's later the issue remains - it's clearly a network issue or maybe an issue with the cable coming into the property from the street? Clutching at straws here as I'm out of options..

This is now primarily for anyone else in the North West London - Harrow Wembley area that may be experiencing similar issues to see if it's localised.

If the packet loss reoccurs with vengeance as it did a couple of months ago, yes, I'll set it up as you have requested. However, this post is also to show others that if you are unfortunate to have an issue with VM it can last months, for me so far 9 months 😞

Sorry to hear this @skyuser 

We would need the hub in router mode to be able to run further checks to support via the community forums. 

I have checked again at our side for what I can whilst your router is in modem mode, including the area and I cannot see any issues that might be causing any packet loss for you. 

I can also see that you BQM live graph looks very good with no spikes or packet losses showing today. 


If you do have any further issues and would like support via the forums, we will need the hub to be in router mode. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent