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Packet loss issue - ongoing for months [started Jan 2023 under fault no F010403749]

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Hoping someone from  Virgin media can look into my issue please?

I have had difficulties with packet loss for going on a few months. Started back in  Jan 2023 under fault no F010403749 and went away for a while..but has returned and does not appear to be solved/solvable.

The automated 0800 faults line has said the same 'area issue, some faults take longer etc etc'

The BQM graph is a real mess, the solid red parts are power off/restarts after I've checked/rechecked and tightened all connections.
[url=]My Broadband Ping[/url]

 Is there an ETA for for the fix? Can an engineer check locally? Whilst this affects streaming, gaming, web pages  etc as it's not TLOS so likely no compensation for months of issues.

However, I would like this resolved, thanks


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Hey ukcobra + Trilliam

Well the deadline for my resolution as above came and went.. the issue stlil remains... Mine also started some months ago on/off.

I was told it was an area signal to noise ratio/noise issue,so likely many users affected.

In fairness, I received an SMS message last night advising that the issue is now resolved and to power down hub 30 mins and reboot/retest. I'll do so at night tonight/ early morning.

I would advise you to try calling Virgin media automated fault checker/line on 0800 561 0061 - I use my registered mobile to do  so and get real time updates, it used to give an ETA for fix,now just says 'complex fault and some fixes take longer than others..' worth a shot right?

Trillium, likewise, with VM for a few years, no real issues, but recently (months) lots of packet loss, not a great experience and estimated resolution times (ERT's) going into weeks/months.

I will also see if I can jump ship come end of contract as other FTTP/H services are now available, cheaper as I need a reliable service. Hope the issues for you both are resolved soon.

I rang Tier2 support during my high packet loss. They said nothign was wrong.

The packet loss reduced from 5pm, and started up at 8:30am and has returned to 10% again. I will force them to log me a ticket next week. And if they cannot fix it,  i will leave after being a customer for 25+ years.

Thanks for the update @skyuser, and I'm sorry to hear that the issue is still present.

I've been able to run a flow on the services and it appears that an issue is currently still present and is affecting multiple users in your local area.

Do please continue to monitor for the time being, and we'll await any updates you have to offer.

Kindest regards,


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Hey David,

Unfortunately, it seems to be getting worse. Is there an updated estimated time to fix available?

Also, is there a pathway for us to leave penalty free and go to another provider (if we choose)? This is affecting all of us, and we never get any refunds for the problems, however, by not implementing a solution in a 'reasonable time', are we then allowed to exit early penalty free?

I only ask as I have been patient for months and it appears this will just go on and on.


Tuning in

Can i ask which area this is affecting ? I have similar issues. I am in Reading, RG6. Given how many people on here are reporting such issues, I am a little suprised there is no focus on the troubleshooting.

My graphs show issues Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm. Regular 10%+ Packet Loss.

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Hey, yup, I'm in Wembley, London.

Have had issues more or less Jan onwards, yeah ok a few weeks here and there, but mainly as my graph shows, it's almost always present.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi skyuser, 

Thank you for getting back in touch. 

On checking from our side, it does look like the issue has now been resolved. 

With this being the case, can you please confirm if you are still experiencing problems with the service? 




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Hey Nat,

Unfortunately, yes, still ongoing.



Hi there @skyuser 

Thank you for popping back to us and we are so sorry to hear that you are still facing issues. 

I have checked and I cannot see any issues that could be causing this on our side, but I can see the Hub has been up for over 14 days. 

Are you able to try a full factory reset? To do this push a pen etc in the reset hole at the back of the Hub and hold in for 60 seconds.

Hey, yes I can do.

I have it running in modem mode with my router doing the work. I'll have to do this Friday evening when I can power everything down, reset and try a laptop wired direct to the VMSH4 and see if I can capture any data via the thinkbroadband tool as above.

I'll get back to you. Thanks again