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PS5 Slow Ethernet speeds on Gig1 Network

Tuning in

Doing a speed check on ps5 reports half my bandwidth of 500mbs when I have gig1 speeds. I have tried numerous Ethernet cables from cat 5e all the way to 7. When I restart the super hub 5 modem temporarily I can get 900mbs plus on the ps5 network speed test. I’ve tested the different cables on multiple devices but they don’t have this issue. They all have full speeds. Is there something wrong with my connection or is the PlayStation being throttled ?



Community elder

What does this site show?

VM do not throttle.

Already tried the site before hand , won’t work as the superhub 5 is in modem mode.

Hi EhsanWaheed,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your broadband service. 

Do you have a computer or laptop you can run a Wired speed test on?



Put the Hub back into Router mode and run the Full Realspeed test.

If the performance at the Hub is all fine,  then focus on the Router and finally the Playstation.