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Outage in BD2........ Again!

What is going on with the service in my area? First of all the speeds have been very slow for well over a year. An engineer was sent out who stated I was on the lowest tap in the cab so he said he had WELDED me to the highest tap (I know this is utter tosh as I am an ex field tech) now on speed test I get no higher than 35mb at any time of day.
My smartphone has a faster connection by far.
I am supposed to be on 100mb vivid.
Also I have had no connection due to problems in the area 3 times in two weeks.
Anyone from virgin care to comment?
To say I'm hacked off is an understatement.
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Outage in BD2........ Again!

Hi holdski,

I shall do my absolute best to find out what is causing your slow speeds.

There was a capacity fault, ref: F003835038, but this was closed after a number of modems, yours included, were moved to a newly installed CMTS. This was on the 17th of March.

I have just tested and there is no congestion issue at all on your network segment.

Also your Hub is reporting optimal power levels, so the engineer that visited last did a good job of sorting that out.

I'd like to see the sorts of speeds you're experiencing please.

Via a wired device please run a speedtest (or more than 1 if preferred) via and post the results on here.

I'd also like to know:

  • How many devices are displaying this reduced speed.
  • What network card you have (to achieve speeds of 100mb and above you need to have a gigabit NIC and either a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable).

I'll then see what I can do to help.

Forum Team

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