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I swapped from Virgin domestic to Virgin Business Broadband in February 2018. I noticed three months ago that I was still paying for both services, so after phone calls and online chats I finally got through to someone who could assist. They confirmed that I was owed £1325 in overpaid fees. I have chased this payment umpteen times and as of today 7th December 2020, I still have not been paid the money. In desperation I have tried to go to an ombudsman, but have been told that Virgin have withdrawn from using the ombudsman site.
As you can imagine, I am not a happy customer. I have also had a parcel through the door asking me to return the old equipment to Virgin that their engineer took with him in February 2018.
If anyone from Virgin wishes to contact me then please do.

I have also emailed the Communication and Internet Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) to see if they can assist.

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