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O2/Virgin Volt and poss contract change


Thinking of changing from EE to O2 to benefit from Volt and doubling of my VM BB speed. My question is, would that mean my contract with VM changes and I'm tied in for another 18 months?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: O2/Virgin Volt and poss contract change

Depends how you do it.  Take out a new VM Volt package, yep, there's an 18 month tie in.  If however you connect a qualifying O2 account to your VM account, then there's no change to your VM price or contract duration, although obviously you need to be mindful of the specific T&Cs of the O2 pay monthly account.  O2 do some pay monthly SIM only plans with 30 day rolling terms, and would get you Volt benefits, but on casual inspection they seem to be very pricey.  My iDMobile sim only package is about a third the price of O2's nearest equivalent, so in my case the Volt benefits would cost me an extra £15 a month, and that's not worth my while.  Everybody's circumstances are different, and if the numbers work for you, Volt can be a fantastic bargain, but make sure you fully understand the rather complicated arrangements, and have worked out what it will actually cost you.