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Not getting the full speed on Volt 350

Tuning in


I originally joined Virgin on 200 mb packaged in 2006 upgraded to 250 a few years ago. Since last year, I'm with O2 for my mobile and my broadband was upgrade to Volt 350. I was getting this speed consistantly but I have noticed that since the middle of March I'm only getting 250mb. It looks like my package has been downgraded. I don't understand why this is the case and would like some explanation.



Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi osalter, thank you for your post and welcome to our community as you've joined our forums recently. 🙂

We're sorry to hear your speeds have lowered recently and you're in belief there has been a service downgrade without your consent, we'd be happy to assist with this.

We wouldn't change a service without making you aware of course, to always fulfil this promise our systems automatically generate a confirmation sent via email to let you know if any changes apply.

I can confirm upon our latest checks we don't see any service changes or issues in your area that may have had an impact to your speeds.

Is this an issue on the wired connections too or over the Wi Fi currently?
Are you able to run a speed test here using an ethernet connection directly on your hub and let us know what values you get?

Lastly, may I ask if you're using any of our Wi Fi boosters or Pods and if those are connected at the minute?

Let us know more and we're here to help out.

Forum Team

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Hi Adri,

Thanks for your mail.

I'm using the Superhub 3 in modem mode and no pod connected at the moment. See below speedtest through a gigabit ethernet connection done today. No way near 350 mb. The street cabinet is in front of my house.





Alessandro Volta

Check in hub Operation Configuration your Max Traffic Rate is.

Connect PC to hub in modem mode (power off hub for 2mins) and do a speed test without a router


Tuning in

Thanks Legacy1 for your suggestion.

I'm not able to run the test as suggested but I have had 350 mb using my current router (see screen shot of a speedtest done in March) 

Screenshot 2023-04-30 at 18.39.30.jpg






















here are the data from the hub configuration page.

General Configuration

Network access
Maximum Number of CPEs
Baseline Privacy
Config file

Primary Downstream Service Flow

Max Traffic Rate402500089
Max Traffic Burst42600
Min Traffic Rate0

Primary Upstream Service Flow

Max Traffic Rate38500089
Max Traffic Burst42600
Min Traffic Rate0
Max Concatenated Burst42600
Scheduling TypeBestEffort


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi osalter, thanks for the reply and for sharing more.

When on modem mode, we cannot monitor or check your hub performance and the quality of connection as well as wireless signal levels.
In this case, so we can investigate this further and help we'd need you to switch to router mode and disconnect all 3rd party equipment that's currently in use.

Please, run a speed test here when on router mode (over wired) and let us know of the below:

a) what speeds you get when on router mode (all devices and 3rd party equipment removed)
b) what speeds you get while on modem mode
c) what speeds you get when on safe mode
d) what speeds you get using an alternative ethernet cable (Cat5 or 6)

Also, if you wish us to monitor the issue we'd need this to stay on router mode so we can view the service and performance from this end.

Once you've confirmed the above we'll be able to advise more, let us know how you get on.

Forum Team

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I think I found what the problem was. Qos was activated on my router with a limit at 250 mb, I have increased the limit to 500 mb and speedtest is now showing the right speed (see below).

Apologies for thinking there was a potential fault with the service and thanks for your help.1683104484172021155-mini



QoS & DPI are best fully disabled on most domestic routers.

Hi @osalter thanks for your reply here in the Community - great to hear your problem is all sorted!

If you do ever need any further help, please let us know 😊

Many thanks