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Not getting 1Gbs download speed

Tuning in

Just recently upgraded from 500Mbs to 1Gbs but not getting the full speed upgrade on the down direction. 

My previous configuration was Hub 3 in modem mode, connected to Asus RT-AC86U primary node and RT-AC68U as the secondary node in mesh configuration. Speed tests always came back as just over 500Mbs either direct from the AC86 speed test tool or over WiFi through my phone etc. Upgraded to 1Gbs with a Hub 5 again configured in modem mode, and still getting similar speeds down, but the upload speed has increased to 50Mbs. I have connected the 2.5gb port to the Asus' WAN port. I've attached screen shots of the Hub configuration. The log seems have some errors reported, but not sure if that's indicating what the issue is or not.









Asus RT-AC86U looks to be a device with 1Gb/s ports for the WAN and LAN.

Using any device connected at 1Gb/s the max transfer rate is about 930Mb/s allowing for the transmission overheads.

The WiFi the RT-AC86U is a 802.11ac, 500Mb/s is close to the practical the limits of transfer speed for that technology.

Yes I understand there can been a limit on the speed over WiFi, however the AC86 has a speed test option within its GUI, this will be using the wired connection from its WAN port through to the Hub 5 2.5Gbs port. The cable in use is the VM supplied CAT 6 cable. So would have thought a direct wired connection would be getting 800Gbs at least 

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Alessandro Volta
Test speed in modem mode without a router on

Your grumble appears to be the speed test built into your Router.

I don't see any remarks that say my devices are not working properly.

Trouble shooter

I'd suggest your upstream power levels are too high, causing an unstable line with some of the downstream channels showing many errors, in what would be a short amount of time being a new HUB recently powered on?

The hub has been on about just over a week. The warnings in the network log, if they are actually relevant, have been there all the time.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

The network log only contains ‘warnings’ and ‘notice’ entries and these should be ignored.

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