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Non existent UPLOAD speed for weeks

A few weeks ago I started to try working from home again, and upgraded my package from the 500M to the full 1000M broadband which should afford me up to 1000GB/s download, and over 50MB's upload, without throttling.

Since the upgrade to the HUb4 I've had nothing but inconsistent speeds. Throttling, and non-existent upload speeds especially during the day. Case in point, last night i did a sped test connected via ethernet and my download was 933mb/s and upload 59mb/s. Great, tomorrow I can easily do video calls and video sharing... This morning, download speed around 800mb/s, but upload speed: 0.69MB/s!!!! Same thing happened last week. And i was told to wait til friday to fix the area issue. Now there's another area issue and told to wait til tomorrow 10pm. I don't buy it.

This has happened for the last 3-4 weeks in a row. And every time I call up Virgin palm me off with: "there's an area outage, so we can't run any diagnostics". Even though nothing comes up on broadband status for my post code. I have been told to wait over 48hrs on three separate occasions in the last 3 weeks - for them to resolve the are issue. Even though technically I can access the internet fine with high download speeds. So I don't buy this issue, it feels like it's an easy out not to have to send a technician.

This morning the first time i rang, the system said there's an issue with your hardware or connection, and you need a technician to come take a look, follow link in text (HANGS UP). I follow the link which takes me to blank page over and over....

I'm fuming. I've been told to work from home but can't do my job and keep falling for these bogus promises of it being fixed. I just need a technician to come round and solve it urgently, and or change my channel settings if it's as simple as too many people using up the bandwidth in my street on one channel? (sorry I'm not a techie).

I pay £62 a month for the privilege and have not been able to do my job from home even though current guidelines dictate that I should stay away from the office. Please help me resolve this issue properly, and stop palming me off with the area outrage issue that conveniently halts any attempt to run proper diagnostics on my line and get to the bottom of it.

Thank you!

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Re: Non existent UPLOAD speed for weeks

Try checking with Area faults on 0800 561 0061 or if you have a VM landline 150 as small area faults are not shown on the VM status page.

In the meantime, post your power levels and network log.   Also setup a BQM to record your incoming circuit

Once done we can comment.  

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