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Noise in Upload frequency E10

On our wavelength

We have had a major issue with the upload speed for more than 12 weeks now and we have reported it over and over to Virgin Media and in week 4 they originally admitted the problem saying that "it is a difficult problem in the area and is expected to be resolved by 23rd of May". We never got an update after that, and when we kept reporting the problem they instead wanted to switch our Hub to a Hub 4 and wanted us to "monitor the problem". We did, and week 8 we reported our monitoring and we finally got a technician sent out.

When the technician arrived he started by plugging in his equipment straight into the wall and said that he saw the exact same numbers that I had logged. The upload speed fluctuated between nothing and a third of what was expected (we should have 36MB). We were lucky that the issue was apparent when he arrived, because it only happens for a couple of hours a couple of times a day. So he could've easily missed it.

He immediately says that it's due to noise in the upload frequency and calls in to the callcentre to raise a ticket, but the operator refuses. He asks to speak to her senior who also refuses. Apparently upload speed is not important enough to fix.

Problem is this: I am a streamer and I literally make my living off of the upload speed and have now been affected for 3 months! I am at a complete loss


You're welcome MichaelLucas, apologies for the delays in getting this resolved. Please keep us posted on this after the estimated fix date which at the time of posting remains the same.



Issue is still there. For several hours at a time, upload is either bad or completely non-existent.

What is the planned fix for this?

I've seen recently that the issue is more prevalent around 1 pm and 8 pm on weekdays, as well as most of Saturdays. And it also sometimes seems "triggered" by me starting a heavy upload (or by coincidence the issue starts at the exact same time sometimes). So could there be some kind of cap/limiter?

Is there any more information/monitoring that I can submit to help fix this issue?



Packet loss with low latency when idle is a issue with your line

When what is idle?

@MichaelLucas wrote:

When what is idle?

When devices use less then 2Mb and BQM shows packet loss with the yellow spikes lower then 50ms. of course there are other conditions like packet loss with the yellow spikes higher then 50ms and devices use less then 2Mb or packet loss with the yellow spikes higher then 50ms when uploading without your own QoS/BWM.      


Can I get an update please? The previous fix date was 9 days ago, and the issue is still as bad as ever

Hi MichaelLucas,

Sorry to hear it's not resolved. Just done a system check for you, F010046495 (fault number) - estimated fix date 22nd September at 16.15pm.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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Is a fault like this allowed to be pushed and pushed indefinitely? I'm just wondering what the workflow is here, cus it seems like it isn't even being looked at.

This is the past 24 hour. When the red hits 7% the upload is completely gone (since the download is unaffected). As you can see, it is starting to become quite ridiculous.
24 h.png

Hi MichaelLucas,

Thanks for reaching out, we are sorry for any inconvenience the area issue has caused and that this has been extended, I can see the new estimated fix is 29/09/22, SNR issues are generally caused by a damaged or exposed cable causing noise on the Network, the biggest delay once we have found the cause is awaiting permission from the local council to carry out the work, especially if it is under a Road or public walk way, apologies for any inconvenience caused.



Update please! This is really starting to **bleep** me off