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No internet for me and my neighbour, no help fro mCustomer services

Tuning in

So frustrated this morning! The internet was playing up last night. I switched off the router and back on then went to bed hoping in the morning all would be fine. it wasn't! So I did a factory reset of the hub to see if that would fix issues. Nope, still a dodgy internet signal. over 1000ping and 0.5mb speed! Thats not consistent either. it would go up and down and then drop completely!

I have a group chat with my neighbours and asked if they are having Internet issues too. They are all on Virgin, and they have described the exact same issues.

I've gone to work and called Virgin support. He said that there were no issues in my area! I said, clearly there was as myself and neighbours are without internet. I suggested it may be the green box outside letting water in due to the adverse weather and can they send an engineer to check. But because the computer said everything was fine that he can't! 

I don't understand why a service reperesentivie won't listen to the customer but instead the computer. I've told my neighbours to call and register their faults to hopefully escalate it. One of them did the same last night and was told it will probably get better. **bleep**.

I've always had better help on this forum from Virgin staff than I have in making phone calls. So any Virgin staff members on here, please can you get someone out to have a look at the internet connection for myself and my neighbours?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @innesuk 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. Sorry to hear of any broadband issues and that you thought we were less than helpful when you spoke to the team.

I have checked this for you now and you are affected by an SNR (signal to noise ratio) issue. F010879831 - fault reference. This was raised after your call today and the estimated fix date is today at 17.50.

As I say, I am sorry you felt the call handler wasn't helpful. I am sure this is not how they meant to come across. It may be at the time you reported it we were not aware of any issues, however, a work order was logged to networks and then we would have received several reports of the same issue to then further investigate this and we've then found the fault.

I hope it's fixed sooner for you but if you are still having issues after this time, report back and we can check for you.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Hi John. Thanks for the description. I’m glad the problem was recognised and has now been rectified. I don’t mind the call handler not knowing why we were experiencing an issue, I just wanted it recognised and that they would get it looked into. Not telling me that the computer says no. I told my neighbours to also call so maybe this prompted them further investigation. 

all the best



Good morning, Innes.

Thanks for coming back to me. 

I've checked the system and unfortunately the estimated fix date is now today.

Keep us posted if you're still having issues.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Progress with faults in your street can be followed at : 0800 561 0061