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No internet again

I'm constantly having to tolerate dropouts in internet availability and speed reductions (area reference is 21 if that helps). It's frequent and, surprisingly enough, there is never any acknowledgement from Virgin. Never an offer for a bill reduction and, in spite of charging the highest fees which are continually rising, their service seems to be the poorest I've ever experienced. High costs, no communication, no restitute, poor speeds and regular outages.

I work from home regularly but I have no confidence at all that this will be repaired in time for me tomorrow, as the estimated repair time has already been shifted to a later time and date. The service is awful

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: No internet again

Hi doctorjuggles


Thank you for posting on our community forums. 


We are sorry to see that you have been having issues with your internet connection and speeds and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this.


 It's disappointing that you feel that way about our service. 


We will always work to resolve all faults as soon as we can. There may be some situations when the complexity of the issue may result in a delayed fix time.


We'll always do everything we can to keep all service disruption to a minimum. 

Forum Team

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