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No Upload speed increase..

Dialled in


I'm in area 30 and my online account says I should have 104 upload but I'm still stuck at 52 and I have rebooted a few times.. So whats going on Virgin?


Still have not had a pm yet. cheers

Hi Locky1, 

Thanks for your reply, sorry that this PM hasn't been sent over yet, I've messaged Travis to get one sent over ASAP for you!



Any chance I can have the velvet glove treatment as well? I have a similar problem, I'm capped in the modem to 52 mbps. The difference is, I've had the email telling me I've had the upgrade, and I formerly had the upgrade! But after cancelling my phone service, which is due to come into effect in a week or so, my speed got downgraded back. Obviously, I am most vexed by this, and would like it back. You don't know how much you value something 'til you lose it! I've talked to tech support over the phone (eventually), but I ended up getting a speed assessment. Although I think they understood my problem, I've just got an email saying they can't run their speed tests because my hub is too old. I have a Hub 5. I suspect it's because I'm in modem mode. They're threatening to send me another. Obviously, I'd really like this situation not to develop into a full scale omnishambles instead of a simple provisioning change, so if anyone on here can please help, I'd be grateful!

Hi @IllLustration, thank you for your post. 

In order to look into this for you further, we'll send you a private message on here. Look out for the envelope in the top right-hand corner. 

If you're on a portable device with a smaller screen, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and select "messages" from the additional menu options.


Dialled in

So I get the same lame response as the clueless call centers 
failing to understand whats going on and no idea about the upload speed profile.. 

This is the reply in from my PM... 
Upload speeds can differentiate with network traffic, having many devices connected can also affect this - are you struggling to upload anything in particular?

What a BS response regarding upload speed!

I rang Virgin yesterday and was promised a call back, of course that didn't happen. I managed to contact the call centre just now, once I repeated myself several times, that it is an upload, NOT download speed problem I was put on hold and the call was cut off. I am now on hold again. 

Well that was a complete waste of my time, they told me that it has been raised as an "ofcom" complaint and I have to wait 30 days and I may be entitled to compensation. As far as I am aware Ofcom doesn't cover upload speeds.

Hi Daniel, I followed up by PM as requested. I hope you can now investigate. Cheers. 

I love the use of "omnishambles" given my experience, see below, SNAFU and Virginmedia are synonymous.

Tuning in

I'm in the same boat. I had a pm asking me to change back to router mode as they can't monitor speeds in modem mode 😕. I've tried to explain it's not a general slow speed issue but the actual upload connection speed but not heard anything back. 

Up to speed

Mmm, right, well, I made the (probably ill-advised, given my WAN IP is now externally pingable) decision to go back to router mode. I disabled Wi-Fi, reserved a DHCP address for my existing router on the 2.5GBE port, used that address as DMZ, turned off the firewall, and disabled UPNP on both routers, i.e. I made router mode as transparent as possible given using only IPv4 with TCP and UDP. So now, I'm still more or less where I was before, albeit in router mode, with a different public IP, with external pingability, but crucially, still in control of my network, my internal net-range, my own DHCP server and DNS resolver. I do hope it's enough. Oh, and of course no change to the speeds, even measured with SamKnows.