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Night time speed - big issue.

Good Evening,

I have been having issues with virgin internet for weeks. Customer service just fob us off and tell us to use the boosters they provide... this made the issue worse, these booster are been sent back. 

I have spent money on good quality access points in an attempt to fix the issue as we have always found the super hub 3 to be completely terrible. 

Issue is not range, it is speed. 

During the day it is fine, at night nothing loads and speeds drop to less than 5mbps most of the time. Sometimes if lucky we can get a bit more. This issue occurs no matter where in the house we are, whatever device we connect on, no matter if we connect to the router itself or to any booster or access point. 

Virgin tell us on the phone they see no issues... if they came to the house in the middle of the night they would see the damn issue.

This is not a 'peak time' issue as the issues are at night time, such as in the middle of the night, not evenings. 

I am at the end of my tether with this and will be leaving virgin this week if this does not get sorted. It is not reliable and totally useless for any form of usage at night. We are having to use our mobile hotspot to use the internet. 

Anyone else with this issue?

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Re: Night time speed - big issue.

When the problem next occurs post some stats. Go to (router mode) or (modem mode), do not log in, click on the link "Check Router Status".
Copy and paste the Downstream, Upstream and Network Logs. Mask any public IP address.

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