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NW2 - Terrible upload speed during the day/evening

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It's been 4~ weeks now that upload speeds in NW2 have been dreadful. I have already raised a complaint, I was given twice different date as to when the issue should be resolved, nothing has been done so far.

This is clearly an issue on the VM network as I had no issue with my M500 for years and everything started only few weeks ago. Download speeds are pretty much fine (500 Mbps~ throughout the day), upload however is plain garbage. While I was getting 35Mbps~ 24/7 before, now I'm getting anywhere between 1Mbps~5Mbps during day/peak time. Everything starts to become fine at night between 1am~6am showing that this isn't an issue with my setup.

I already went through all the usual BS about "checking my installation" but this isn't it. I'm not using WiFi, I've tried to reset my hub already, tried to connect directly through my hub in both in modem and router mode, doesn't change a thing.

Typical gap between peak and offpeak:




Hey Antipika, no problem at all, thank you for replying to me.

As mentioned I will be keeping my eyes on this for you. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

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