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My broadband is throttled

Tuning in

So since getting Virgin back in July of last year, lots of issues (intermittent and complete outages), constant issues in NW3, the most unstable Internet I have ever had! 

Anyway, have the M350 package, did few speed tests, was only getting 50-80Mbps, uploads were around 32Mbps. I have the Virgin hub in modem mode going into a Draytek, so restarted both, then I got the full speed (350Mbps down, 36Mbps up, then shortly after, same story, back to lower speeds. 

I thought the issue was local, due to endless issues, but I got in touch with support (yet again) yesterday via WhatsApp, only to be informed that I have "maximised my Internet usage"!
Apparently, did 1.2TB of downloads in 3 months.

Two 4K TV's, used for streaming Netflix, Prime, Disney etc, along with YouTube, data backups, etc, but apparently I have maximised my usage, yet when I ask what is the threshold, I got nothing from them, only that it's unlimited!

Clearly I've hit some limit to get this threshold, anyone know what that is? 

I am looking to leave, still in contract until Jan '24 but they are asking for me to pay a fee. I have complained to Ofcom, also to Virgin. You can't sell something as unlimited when there are limits/thresholds, but they are not shared with customers. 
Their solution was to upgrade to the 1Gbps connection for more money, no chance, probably to encounter the same issue! They don't compensate me for the downtime I've had, working from home has had an impact, I took out a BT broadband connection as a backup as that's how unreliable Virgin has been for me. 
Let me know if any of you have found out what the figure is please.
Glad I was able to put off three neighbours from getting Virgin, save them the hassle and stress. 



only getting 50-80Mbps - that reads like a network cable that is de-rating from 1000Mb/s to 100Mb/s.

The suggestion to upgrade from M350 to 1Gbs was a sales pitch later it will cost more, not advice on how to fix the issue.

For comparison 1.2 TB is about what we use every 2 months & without any issues.

thanks I don't think it's the cable unless it's a known bug on the Hub 3 but on the Draytek port status, it was showing as 1000Mbps? They confirmed (multiple advisers) that I have "maximised the usage of my Internet" based on what they could see from their end, must have reached some sort of a limit/threshold due to their Acceptable Use Policy but they won't tell me what that is! 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi bc2020,

Thank you for reaching out to us here on the community. 

We are very sorry to hear of the issues you have been experiencing with your service and will do all we can to help. 

As a provider, we do not cap/throttle speeds so I can assure you this has not happened with your service. 

From checking things from our side, we can see you had previously experienced an area outage but this has since been resolved. 

As you are using the Hub in modem mode, it does limit the diagnostic checks that we can complete on the account so if you wish to proceed, please let us know when the equipment is in router mode and we will be happy to assist. 




Hello, so again this claim you don't throttle, below is from my WhatsApp conversation with your colleagues (I can provide you with screenshots or the full chat if you like?) :

"I had a quick look into your account and have seen that your usage had been 1271gb for the last 3 months and that maybe the reason for your speed to drop. 

My advisor can definitely help you out to upgrade to our Gig1 Fibre broadband and deliver a new Hub 5.0 to match your usage at your home with no hidden charges and the package is for only £40.99 for the upgraded speed. Would that be great?"

"upon checking on your Broadband usage was 1271GB for Download and 46GB for upload. as I can see that you have maximize your usage for the Broadband.

Please explain that to me in simple English!
 - Are they talking nonsense in regards to me "maximize" my usage?
 - Or is there an actual limit on my connection, in which case, modem or router mode is irrelevant as it's against my account if true. 

The cable from the Virgin hub to the Draytek is fine, Draytek shows a 1000Mbps link when I had the issue, your colleague tell me that I've reached some limit but won't tell me what it is, so I am confused. 

Even my official complaint to yourselves, I just had a response earlier, laughable, they completely ignored the actual problem and made it sound like I was enquiring for the 1Gbps connection which I wasn't, it was in fact your colleagues who suggested the 1Gbps connection as shown above, which I rejected of course, why pay more for 1Gbps when I often am not getting the current speed I am paying for!? 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply. 

I can confirm that increasing your broadband package would not help to resolve speed issues and that we do not throttle speeds based on usage. Our broadband is unlimited and any issues you are experiencing are not due to being capped/throttled. 

Is your Hub still currently in modem mode? If so, please do let us know once it has been switched over and we can run further tests. 





You can easily discover if the VM service is being throttled.

Set the Hub into Router mode and use the link below...

Once the test begins click on: Run full test to see all the stats.

The speed at the Hub should reflect your subscription.

Tuning in

thanks but since complaining, my speed has stabilised (funny that), will see how it goes for the next few days/weeks then do further testing if need be. 

We are glad to hear things are looking a little better @bc2020 

Please do let us know how things are looking over the next few weeks.