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Modem Speeds random and intermitten

Hello. I have a super speed of 220mbps when I joined Virgin. Its very impressive. However my family and I have in the past 3 months been experiencing intermittent speeds. Sometimes it goes right down to what SKY and BT used to give me at 8 and 11 mbps. 

I have reset the box a few times and it works well for a few hours and then its up to its old tricks again. How is it that the modem box is choosing the speed it wishes to project throughout the house. Its definitely starting to become a problem now that is upsetting the household.

Any tips on how to stabilise my speed please???

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Modem Speeds random and intermitten

Probably a broadband noise or power level issue. 

The following sounds complicated, don't worry you can't change or mess things up doing this, just follow it step by step.  Connect to the hub by clicking on this link  That should pull up the log in page for the hub.  But don't log in, just click on the link "Check router status"  That'll bring up a window with five tabs.  Open the Downstream tab.  Select all the text (Ctrl-A if using a keyboard), copy it (Ctrl-C), then paste it (Ctrl-V) into a reply here as TEXT not screenshots.  Post that, do the same for the Upstream and Network log.  You'll get an error message when you post the Network log, just click on "post" a second time.

Then we can check for any obvious problems with power, noise or error counts.   

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: Modem Speeds random and intermitten

Hello @srolfe75,

Welcome to the community page, thanks for posting.

I am sorry for the issues with your broadband.

I located your account using your forums detail.

I can see there is an outage causing your issues - F009536547. 

We apologise for the current loss of service which you are experiencing, the fix is taking longer than expected due to damage which has been caused to our fibre cables. Engineers are on site working to resolve this as soon as possible.

Estimated end date: 23 DEC 2021 21:35

Many thanks,




Forum Team

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