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Massive Lag Daily

For the past 3 months we have been having massive lag and Package drops - every single day we just turn PCs off as can't even watch YouTube.  Router is Hub 4 Gig1 - all wired in. Done everything possible from a Reset on router, 1 pc in router, modem mode, change cables Cat 7 / 6e, nothing helps. We are at a loss, it is becoming unbearable. Any help ?  gaming on WoW we get 300 - 9000 ms which makes it impossible to play 8 seconds to get on a mount, combat is a joke etc ....

here is my BQM for a few weeks:

Results of BQM 

Here is Router info (have to log in as info does not show up when clicking "Check Router Status" could be a HUB 4 thing, cannot check status because its a HUB 4 ) screenshot as too much text

Router Info 15072020.jpg

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