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M600 upload Speed - When will we see the upload Speed Increases announced on 23rd May 2023

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Morning All,

Trying to get an answer from the telephone team, but not getting too far....

All the M50 to Gig1 Fibre are getting speed increases.

But I dont' seem to be able to get an answer on IF M600 is getting a speed increase for uploads or not and if it is, when will it be getting it, as it doesn't seem to be any different from before.

Anyone from Virgin able to enlighten me on this please?

Kindest Regards



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM tend to keep things like upgrades close to their chest.  You will most likely find out via ISP Preview, or indeed when your Hub reboots with a new config file 😉

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I was hoping that, as they have made an annocement about it on the 23rd of May about the upload speed increases, that the M600 would also have received it, alas the reboot of router routine doesnt seem to have solved it as the article suggests.

It would seem strange to update all of them and exclude just one package....

Hopefully a VM representative can maybe shed some light on the situation....


ISP Review mentions VM's increase in upload speeds (for M500 & above to have 10:1) are being rolled out over the course of this year.

Here is the link to the actual Virgin / 02 News Feed. 

It clearly states for M500 / 1 Gig, from Next week (as at 23rd May) and the reference to years, is that of 2022 for the M100 and M200 Customers.

There is nothing in the articles to suggest its being rolled out over 2023 at all in the official news release.


There is also nothing in the article saying M600 is included and there is nothing to advise the RFoG areas are delayed.

I appreciate the M600 isn’t included in the announcement, but it seems strange that all the other speeds offered have had the increase, whilst leaving a higher download speed package M600 having a lower upload speed than its M500 counterpart.

As my post originally asked, does anyone know if the M600 is getting the increase and if so when?

Alas, none of the replies so far have bothered to actually answer it.

We won't have a clue, contact VM directly or wait several days for a reply on here.

Hi Darrenjuggins,


Thanks for raising the upload speed boost with 600mb customers, we have raised this and as soon as we get an indication or update we will let you know.



Afternoon Rob,

Thank you for your reply and thank you for raising it with the team for me.

Your help is most appreciated.

kindest Regards