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M500 Upload Speed Issues.

Joining in


So for the 2nd time in roughly 2 weeks my upload speed has dropped to about nothing, last upload test was 0.41 Mbps. Phoned CS, she said there were no issues detected but clearly not the case. She did say she was filling out an ofcom form or something and the relevant team would investigate within 48hrs, not good enough for me since this is the 3rd time this has happened since I have had the SH3.

I am stuck off work with back issues and the only thing I have to do is play games, which I can't really do now, is there anyway to escalate this? Got a feeling it's a faulty hub, the upload config doesn't seem right to me.



Fibre optic

All your upstreams are awful. There is likely an area fault. If your hub is the cause it's causing the area fault.