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M500 Speed issue

Tuning in

Past 4 days, we have recently been getting download speeds of between 1 and 15Mbps and uploads of between 10 and 20Mbps (Still same after several reboots of Modem and router)

I've checked the downstream and upstream logs and they seem ok as per pinned message, but have noticed in the Network logs we are getting a lot of RCS Partial Service and Lost MDD Timeout warnings

Is there anything else I need to check?

FYI We are running the Hub 3.0 in Modem mode as the built in WiFi is dire.


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No issues reported for our area

Just run a hub test and says "Looks like there’s still an issue with your connection"

Any I need to check about in 20 hours

@Shaun6502 wrote:

Not to say that VM don't agree with themselves but... I check that site, "all is well in your area".
Had an engineer visit, he checked the system, said there is a logged network issue in my area.
Phoned the status line (08005610061) and it said there was an ongoing issue in the area...

Might be worth ringing the automated status line as well just to double check.

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Shaun6502,

Thank you for your post 😊
I am sorry you are having some speed issues. We are unable to do some checks on our systems as you are in modem mode. If you could come out of this we can take a look for you.