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M500 - Slow speed soon after upgrading from M350

Hi all,

As the subject says, today I upgraded from 350 to 500 Mbps connection, I did some speed tests before hand from a wired PC with a 1Gbps network interface, the speed test were done on as well as the Ofcom official speed test site, which can be found "", and I was receiving speed results of over 366 Mbps down, and 37 Mbps up, then I rebooted the Virgin Media hub, once it booted back up I checked if the settings for the new download speed had applied, and it seems that they did, new configuration under the info setting of the device shows "max traffic rate: 575000000" down, at this point I loaded the speed test sites again, and have done several tests on both sites, without changing any other settings of hardware or software (PC or hub), and I am now lucky to see 250 Mbps, but average 100 Mbps.

As I said the PC is wired to a 1 Gbps network interface, and with the current setup and wires I was receiving 366 Mbps before I rebooted the hub, and the new download settings were applied, so the problem is not on my side.


This upgrade was chosen following a complaint I had with Virgin Media in regards to a pricing issue, however, I didn't have a speed issue or any other technical faults, other then the fact that the 5 GHz WIFI does drop randomly, however, I have read that this is a known Virgin Media hub issue, and that they don't seem to want to acknowledge its existence, or fix it, and to be honest, I can't be bother to argue with them, I can can connect my own WIFI access point to the hub and move on with it, but NOW I dont even get the speed I pay for to the hub, and that IS a problem that I wont ignore at £48 per month!

If someone can help me here within 24 hours good, else I have the direct number of the executive team, and tomorrow I will back on the phone with them...



Mr MG!  

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