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M350 very slow

So I'm not one to be quick to complain, I know speeds can vary due to time of year, time of day, upgrades in area etc.

I have been in contract with virgin since 18th August 2019. 
I reported slow speeds within 6 weeks of moving in with my normally available speed of ‘318-372’
My average speed since the contract has been taken out with virgin is ‘30-76’ which I have a detailed log of.


 I pay for the M350 package as I work from home, upload and download large files. 

Running or any other broadband checker yields the same results pretty much anytime of day. My download speed is between 30Mbps and 76Mbps - some will argue that this is still better than the majority of the UK if not the modern world. But the vast proportion of my monthly bill is for the broadband part of my package and I pay for Vivid 350 not Vivid 80!

Anyone care to comment?

If anyone can help it would be outstanding as I’m on the verge of leaving VM .

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: M350 very slow

How are you testing these speeds?

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