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M350 ethernet speed 80 or less and Wifi 250+

Recently had an engineer visit to check Internet speeds. Internet on the whole has been very intermittent however at its best its still nowhere near the speeds expected.

If I stand next to the router I get 300+ via WiFi, seems I have a lot of interference with my WiFi as upstairs the signal is shocking and downstairs normally 100-150, but 300+ in the utility room near router.

I was told that the interference was probably because all the steelwork I have in my house, I have 4 RSJ's as downstairs is now open plan. I'm considering getting a Mesh system to improve wifi coverage and speeds. The problem I have is the Hub3 is only providing speeds of 100 or less therefore would only feed the mesh 100 or less.

The VM engineer tested speeds from the router using VM kit and was 100. We stripped the router and used 1 port, Cat6 cable and the VM monitor and was 100 or less.


I have tested with MS Edge, Chrome and Firefox on a Surface go and Macbook using various cables, short 1m cat5e direct with router or cat5e cables I have wired throughout the house and I get 50-70, never the 100 like the VM engineer, still a million miles away from the WiFi performance.

Any ideas, please help.

I've read a few threads about the connections on cables, different browsers etc and I've tried to eliminate all of those issues myself. Doesn't seem to work. The fact the VM engineer was only getting 100 concerns me and makes me think its not an equipment issue as surely their kit is capable to receive the max available.

Thank you in advance

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