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M350 Fibre Broadband providing 14mbps down and 6.6mbps up

I am paying for the M350 Fibre Broadband package. Whilst the speeds have been highly variable recently the last few days that have become unusable.

Last night I saw very slow speeds both up and down. I called the service line, and at one point, the automated line told me it was checking my settings. It then said that my hub would need a restart. I had restarted the Super Hub several times before this point, but I dutifully restarted the Super Hub again as instructed. Miraculously I was then getting decent speeds of 300mbps down and 35mbps. I think this suggests its nothing to do with my wires or wifi or any other extraneous factors.

Twenty-four hours later however and my speed is back to 14mbps down and 6.6mbps up.

I tried calling the line again hoping to repeat the trick only the automated line is now saying that everyone is busy so no one can talk to me and hang up.

I have tried multiple times to access the online My Virgin Media hub, but it claims not to know my account exists despite sending me email periodically at the same address. After re-registering, I'm told that 'sorry, my account can't be set up at this time' and offers no explanation or suggested action.

I am at a loss as to what to do. In 2021 I am paying for the highest tier internet access in my area and getting worse service than I did in 2005.

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