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M200 at 40mb DL for days

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is having a good 2021.

I am trying to find help as my M200 is performing really slow for over 4 days now.

Netflix series won't open and some thumbnails won't even load. Colleagues complain about my audio and video quality, screen sharing not an option...the list goes on.

What I know:

Speed averages between 60mb and not having connection at all. Being 40 to 50mb the place it usually goes around for the most part.

My usual speed (years now of this service) is 190mb DL and 20mb UL, so I have a severely downgraded service right now.

Absolutely nothing has changed in the house.

A) router not obstructed

B) cabled is slow, as well as wireless which is even slower.

What I have done:

Called Virgin, they can't find the they gave me a 30day testing connection period...which I believe leads to nowhere.

I have reset the router with Pin. I have switched it off for more than 5 minutes.


So because I can't really wait 30 days for Virgin, cause I have work to do from home like most people right now, I am trying to find someone who might have any ideas on some tests to perform or some fixes.

I see a lot of people posting a grid of numbers and stats, I assume taken from the router, I can get that for you, just tell me where it is.

Thank you in advance


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